Why Are Lower Priced Homes More Desirable?

Why are lower-priced homes more desirable? It’s important to take note, according to CoreLogic, that lower-priced homes increase in value, year over year, significantly higher than higher-priced homes increase in value, year over year. Obviously, that’s due to lack of inventory of the lower-priced homes as well as the fact that more people can qualify to purchase a lower-priced home then a higher-priced home.

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Remember, the higher the home is priced, the more income you’re going to need to make in order to qualify. Another key factor to think about is that we have the largest generation entering into the market, the millennials, and they, too, will start going after a starter home. This is another key indicator as to why starter homes or first-time buyer homes actually will continue to gain more value and be in higher demand.

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