Top 10 MSA's

Many of our sellers and so many buyers are moving out of the area. So I’ve got a fun real estate tip that I thought you’d want to know about in real estate. I’m Krista Mashore, owner broker of Homes by Krista. Here’s a graph in the United States of the top 10 MSA’s and their house price index. So you’re asking me, “Krista, what’s an MSA?” MSA stands for Metropolitan Statistical Area. MSA areas serve to group counties and cities in specific geographical areas for population censuses and compilations of related statistical data.

These are the areas that are anticipated to see higher amounts of growth, Boise City, Idaho, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and San Antonio, Texas. On the bottom of the list where we’re seeing depreciation is Wilmington, Seattle, certain areas in Washington, and Oxnard, California. The first part of the graph, the first number where it says 4Q, that shows how much of an increase in appreciation the homes have had over the past 12 months from quarter two of 2018 to quarter two of 2019. The second box shows how much appreciation has happened in the last quarter.

I think it’s super important to know where you may think about buying if you’re thinking about moving out of the area and where you may want to avoid if you’re thinking about moving. I’m amazed about how many of our sellers are moving out of the area and how many buyers are moving out of the area. It’s so expensive to live here so I thought this would be super helpful for you and a cool way to show you this graph and chart. So if you’re thinking of moving away at least you’ll know which areas that are increasing the fastest, and which ones are decreasing the fastest, and where you should stay away from. As always everyone thanks so much for listening, Krista Mashore, owner broker of Homes by Krista. And remember, when you do what you love people love what you do. Reach out to our office because we are always here to help you.