Should you wait until spring to list?

Should you wait until spring or list right after the Hollyday? Hi, I’m Krista Mashore owner broker of Homes by Krista. I’ve been in this business for 18 years and sold thousands of homes and that’s a question that I get all the time. I always advise sellers that one of the best times to list is right after the holidays. I like to have their home ready to go on the market right after the first of the year when all the fluff and hype are done. 

Why? you may ask most listings, come on the market, in the second quarter. If you wait for the spring, there’s going to be a dramatic increase in the number of other homes coming on the market that you’re actually competing with. As a matter of fact, I’ve been tracking inventory at the beginning of the year as compared to the spring for the past several years now. And it’s inevitable. The number of homes for sale actually goes down about 40 to 60 percent in January and February as compared to the springtime. I often have people say to me and ask me Krista there are Buyers during the screen time.

However, if you look at this graph, it shows the month’s supply of inventory. That’s the ratio of how many listings are for sale versus how many people are actually buying homes. This means that if a seller waits until April May and June that the number goes up. So the higher the number, the more competition and also the fewer buyers that are actually buying so it’s actually worse for a seller to wait until Springtime. If you’re selling you want more money, right? Well of course you do which means it right? The holidays are an excellent time to sell.

So please reach out to us here at Homes by Krista at any time as we are, always here to help. And remember we do what you love, people love what we do and make it a great film by selling and buying it.