Thinking about buying a home in another area out of state or in another city? Maybe it’s because you’ve found your dream home, or maybe you found a new job. Maybe you want your kids to go to a different school, or maybe you need to downsize or you need more space. Here’s the deal. When you’re purchasing in an area and you’re not familiar with it, it’s imperative that you work with a professional who is not only competent in knowing how to represent you in a matter that you deserve but also working with someone who knows anything and everything about the area. Knowing who to work with can be difficult, but not when you have a professional working on your behalf to research and find an agent who’s going to work for you. We know what questions to ask to be sure we can find the right agent in the area that you’re moving to. It can be really scary knowing who to trust to carry you through your purchase.

Hi, I’m Krista with Homes By Krista. Here is a great example of a friend of mine who reached out to me after it was too late, her name is Stacy. She was moving to Idaho with her family. She found the home of her dreams and contacted an agent to help her. It was a mess and she was stuck because she was already in contract. In fact, she ended up losing a $20,000 earnest money deposit because the agent she was working with did not have her best interest at heart, they were working for the seller. And I don’t want this to happen to you, we see it happen all too often. Let me help find you an agent that is not only the right fit with your personality but also has the experience and the education to match.

We work with a network of community market leaders who practice real estate just the way that we do. They use 21st-century marketing strategies, and they specialize in working with buyers and sellers who are local to where you’re buying. So if you’re buying a home out of the area, call us, we can get you a referral.

If you’re selling, it’s imperative that you work at a community market leader so that your sale is secure. This is also essential when you’re selling and buying at the same time. You want to make sure that your deposit is secure on the home that you are purchasing. Also, nothing is worse than selling a home and having the buyer fall through when you’re trying to buy at the same time. It can cause issues with making moving plans, hiring the right movers, and making sure that your stuff gets there on time. And if you’re buying, you want to make sure that you know anything and everything about the area that you’re moving to, and hiring a community market leader will ensure that that happens. Hiring the right agent who has the knowledge and expertise, who can help you is absolutely key.

So reach out to me, and we’ll help you find like-minded professionals like myself to assist you in the purchase of your new home, in the new area that you’re moving to. And of course, I’d love to assist you on the selling of the home that you’re currently in.


— Krista Mashore