Michelle Marie MicroBlading

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 So I’m here with Michelle Marie microwaving. She’s doing my eyebrows, so tell me about the process. So we are going to start out by mapping her brows. It’s going over the shape size, you know, whatever it is she desires as far as the look? And then we’re going to do is numb her and then I will start bleeding her, but before I start plating her, I’m going to, you know, go over with her, the shape and everything and confirm that that That’s exactly what she’s looking for and you know the desired look and the cool thing is is that you can just want to get this done. You wake up in the morning, you got to browse for the exact go to the gym. You got growls, you’re not going to get them off, they’re going to say you’re not going to move. They’re going to stay nice and fluffy or nice and thin. However, your shape and your desire they’re going to say exactly how I put them. Okay. So let’s rock and roll.