Life of a Realtor

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Life of a Realtor! You wake up Sunday morning to do an open house while your kids are at soccer and ballet. You go and buy donuts with the money you don’t have to buy them. Sit for three hours at the open house that no one shows up to you, except for the nosy neighbour who wants to eat your donuts. Since no one shows up, you decided to upload three pics of the house on Instagram and write cool things like, “#BuyThisHouseNow. Your realtor for life. #ILoveReferrals,” and wait for people to like it. 10 people like it, so you update Instagram captions to, “Call me if you want to buy or sell now.” Still, no one shows up, so you walk flyers around the neighborhood. You go home and check your email. You get one email from “Sheresh Renia”. You email him back, Instead, Sheresh ends up selling you a package on how to properly post on Facebook.

You begin posting content. You start writing blogs. You share on your Facebook page. You write a blog about why you should buy now. You write a blog about why you should not buy now. You write a blog about how hard real estate is in the first place. You get a few likes, but still no clients, so you keep going. You start scrolling through Facebook and looking for a great recipe to make at your next open house that might actually bring people in. Then you realize nobody cares. Hey. You realize you don’t even care. Yet Facebook and Instagram changes the algorithm, so nobody sees your posts anymore.

That was funny, huh? But sadly enough, it’s actually true, but not when you utilize our company. Here’s why, we use a strategic digital marketing plan that brings in buyers by the masses. We are busy. We’re using social media. We’re using funnels. We’re creating lookalike audiences. We’re targeting buyers. We’re marketing locally and out of the area, and we are exposing your house to the masses, so you are busy, busy, busy when you’re selling. So, let us help you. We’re not the average. We’re not just okay. We are Homes By Krista. So, call us. We’re here to help. As always, make it a great home selling and buying day.