Information on Solar

I was lucky enough to interview Josh Aldrich who is the CEO of Del Sol Energy. He told me all about the best ways to purchase solar panels, what to avoid, and what solar energy has to offer.

Did you know that there is a 30% tax credit when you buy instead of lease?

I get asked all the time about from buyers and sellers who are considering purchasing solar panels or already own them  if they’ll become obsolete in a few years. Which is perfectly understandable every year a new phone that’s bigger and better comes out why wouldn’t a new solar panel that’s bigger and better come out. The good news is you don’t need to worry about that because there is a 25 year warranty on the panels to ensure they won’t become a burden to the house any time soon. The solar panels that are used today are the same as the ones that were used in the 1950’s.

If you want to find out more including being able to look up homes that currently have them installed and finding out if they were leased, who installed them, and what parts they used to install them watch my video down below.