Housing Market Forecast 🏡 ☀️⛅️ with Krista Mashore 6-14-18

Are you waiting to buy because you think that prices will go down? Think again.

Hi. I’m Krista Mashore with Homes by Krista. Let me quote what David Blitzer, the Managing Director and Chairman of the Index Committee S&P Dow Jones says. “Home prices continue to rise across the country with expectations for continued economic growth and further employment gains the current run of rising prices is likely to continue.” That’s good news isn’t it?

Another study done by Arch of the probability of home prices being lower in two years found that 44 states were at minimal risk and 6 states were found to be at low risk of prices being lower in 2 years. If you’re waiting for prices to go down to buy than you should act now. We don’t see that happening anytime in the near future. If you’re a seller and you’re wanting to make more money on the home that you’re currently in I totally understand that, but interest rates are anticipated to increase. They’re going to continue to go up.

Also remember this. The home that you’re going to purchase is also going to go up the same time. I hope this helps everyone and remember, anything you ever need, community or real estate related, please reach out to me, Krista Mashore, Homes by Krista. Make it a great home selling and buying day.