Are you thinking about when is the right time to downsize your home? HERES YOUR ANSWER 🙂

Have you been thinking about downsizing? ⬇️🏡

Wondering what’s going on in the Brentwood CA Real Estate market??

If you’ve been thinking about downsizing, I’d highly suggest that if it’s been on your mind, 💭that you might want to consider moving sooner than later.
We’ve been seeing higher-priced 🤑homes recently stay on the market longer, as well as we’re continuing to see price reductions. We believe this is due to the possibility of interest rates increasing, %🔼which would mean that it would make it even more difficult for a buyer to qualify, means it makes much more sense to act now 💥and not to wait!
If you’ve been tossing around or thinking about the possibility of downsizing, let’s talk. 🗣 We can discuss the pros ✚ and cons −
We can help you come up with a clear plan and solution. So please give me a call. Remember, no, there’s never a dumb question, if you think this video may benefit somebody else, please forward it, Like, and share. As always, make it a great home-selling & buying day. Brentwood CA Real Estate

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