December 2019 Local Market Update

Here is your local East County market update for December 2019! Let’s see what’s happening right here in the Real Estate market in East County. In Brentwood we have 159 Active Homes on the market, the average days on the market is 74 and we have a median list price of 699,000. Let’s compare that to Oakley, inventory is significantly lower at 64 Active homes on market, but we need to remember that number does not take into account all of the new developments, and there are a lot. Also the population of Oakley has about 20,000 less people in comparison with Brentwood, which means there are less homes. The average days on the market for Oakley is 64 and the median list price is 527,000. Thats means homes are being listed in Oakley for 25% less than in Brentwood. Lastly, let’s look at Antioch. It’s important to know that the population of Antioch is about 3 times that of Oakley and almost double that of Brentwood. Antioch has 122 Active homes on the market, the average days on market is 47 and the median list price is 460,000. It’s so interesting that homes in Antioch are being listed 35% below Brentwood and 13% below Oakley. And in Antioch it may look like there are a lot more homes on the market, but truly their population is about double that of Brentwood so there are only around 25% more Active homes listed than Brentwood but the population is almost double, so in all reality the number of Active homes in comparison from Antioch to Brentwood isn’t as drastic as the numbers may show. So what does this information tell us? To sum it up, when buying a home you need to think about the location and research information and data like we’ve just went over. Buying a home within a 7 mile radius can be the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in future equity just based upon where you are purchasing at. So it’s good to keep yourself informed and research selling prices and make comparisons so you can make the best educated decision on where to purchase. Please reach out to us at Homes by Krista, as we are always here to help. And remember, When you do what you love, people love what you do. Make it a great home selling and buying day!!


— Krista Mashore