Certified Turn-Key Home

What is a certified turn-key home? Great question. Hi, my name is Krista with Homes by Krista.

Well, have you ever heard of a certified pre-owned car? Did you know that research shows that they sell for just around 13% more than cars that sell that aren’t certified pre-owned? Well, selling a certified turn-key home is very similar. It consists of getting all the inspections done ahead of time, making sure that all the health and safety items are fixed, as well as any section one items or termite work, which includes dry rot, leaks, and of course termites. It also includes a home warranty, which is a huge protection for the buyer and the seller. The home is professionally cleaned prior to the buyer moving in, and if necessary, so are the carpets.

This is essential when selling a home because it does a few things for the seller. The seller has much more assurance that they will actually net what it is that they thought they were going into escrow for. It gives them peace of mind that the buyer won’t ask for very unreasonable or outlandish repairs. It also cut down on inspection timeframes and it’s more likely that the hole will actually close escrow on time.

Selling a certified turn-key home also protects the seller if they have a replacement property to purchase and they need every penny out of their sales to secure and close escrow on their new purchase. Also, the buyer is much more confident that they are buying a sound home that is move-in ready condition.

As a seller and buyer, you’re actually more likely of closing on the home, and the bank’s financing of the property significantly goes up. Many lenders require section one items and health and safety items have to be fixed prior to closing contract. When you buy a certified turn-key home, you know that these issues have already been taken care of and you will actually close on the home that you’ve gone into contract with.

It saves the seller time and it saves the buyer’s deposit. So selling a certified turn-key home not only affects and helps you as a seller, but it also protects the buyer and assures that later legal issues don’t come up.

If you want to hear about this program and many other great programs that can help you when selling your home, be sure to call us. Can’t wait to hear from you.


–Krista Mashore