National Market Update 3 - Are your Neighbors talking about you?

You just listed your property on the market, so are your neighbors discussing your home’s curb appeal?  Hi, I am Krista Mashore with Homes By Krista and ExP Realty.  As a real estate agent I am often consulting sellers on what they can do to improve the curb appeal of their home as they enter the marketplace.  Afterall, a good first impression is going to make a huge difference in a shifting market where there is much more competition. It doesn’t matter how wonderful the inside of your property is staged, if the front of the house lacks appeal.  Think of curb appeal as your home’s overcoat. So, what can you do to spruce up your curb appeal? #1- Get Rid of the Cobwebs You don’t want your home to appear spooky and unkept,  cobwebs can appear in unexpected places, lurking in the corners and nooks of your home. To get rid of the cobwebs a good power washing will help eliminate the webs, dust and other forms of dirt from the exterior of your home. #2- Get Rid of the Plastic Furniture- Yes, plastic furniture  is affordable and easy to care for but it certainly can lower your curb appeal.  According to Catherine Mack, co owner of the House Buyer Network, “If you cannot afford to replace plastic furniture with high end pieces, it is best to store them away when not in use and until your home is sold.” #3  Clean Dirty Windows and Shutters- As  a homeowner, you probably do not notice how the exterior windows or shutters look from the outside.  But, as a potential buyer or someone passing by, they can take notice.  Dirty windows can make the front exterior of a home look old and unkept.  Always take the time to clean them so you get the extra added gleam to your home. #4 – Clear the Driveway of old cars, Junk and Trash Cans- Nobody likes to see a bunch of junk in a driveway like old cars and trash cans when they pull up to a property, especially buyers.  Make sure to move away cars and pull the trash cans to the side yard or garage if possible.  If you have extra money in the budget, resealing your driveway is an easy and affordable way to get rid of oil stains and concrete cracks. #5 – Spruce of the Front Yard with Some Bark- Having to redo landscaping can be very expensive.  Most of the time, just throwing down some bark or mulch in areas that need attention will do the job and add a freshness to your yard. If you would like more tips on ways to enhance your property’s curb appeal before you list, give us a call to chat and we would be happy to share tips and tricks as well as provide you with a local market update.