Access Granted!! Show your home with Confidence

Are you listing your home this Spring? As a seller, you will be making many important decisions including how much home access to give potential buyers. Hi, I am Krista Mashore with eXp Realty and Homes by Krista. When marketing your home for sale, an important part of the listing process is allowing buyers to see your property.  

As a general rule, you should give potential buyers enough access to your house to allow them to make an informed decision on the purchase. Of course, as a seller, you will want as much balance between providing access and protecting your privacy and security. Some agents use  open houses but its harder to vet potential buyers to make sure they are serious about purchasing and not just lookie-loos.  Also, it’s difficult via and open house to make sure buyers who attend your open house are even qualified to purchase it.  

Other ways of access include putting a lock box on the door for licensed real estate agents to come through with their buyers,  of course this is by appointment only.  You can also have limited access meaning only on certain days and times, but the more availability you allow, the more showings you will have. Ultimately the level of access you want to provide buyers is a personal decision. It will depend on your individual circumstances and preference but if you want to maximize the sale of your home, you don’t want to limit potential buyers’ access.

 If your home is not accessible, it could cost you by sitting on the market longer and also limit the number of offers you could be getting.  It is always best to discuss with your real estate agent your concerns so they can map out a strategy that works for you. 

Contact my team and I today so we can help you strategize the sale of your home and guide you every step of the way. You deserve to get the most money from your home investment.