7 Essential Tips to Sell Your Home Faster and More Money

The seven essentials when selling your house for more money and more quickly when you’re selling. Get a professional home inspection and roof inspection. It’s really important to fix health and safety issues and get a termite inspection and fix section one items on the termite inspection. Get your home appraised by a licensed, certified local appraiser who actually knows the area. That’s very important. Get your home staged or do semi staging both inside and outside of the home. Offer a home warranty to the buyers. It’s usually just for one year. This gives the buyer assurance that if any issues come up after close of escrow that they’ll be able to get it fixed for a nominal fee. The buyer feels comfortable knowing that a licensed professional will take care of these issues and it takes the worries away from the buyer worrying about having to come up with additional money later on that they probably don’t have after just personally buying a house.

Also have all the disclosures in hand prior to going on the MLS, like the TDS, the SPQ, the natural hazard. There is a lot more than that. Those are just a few, but it’s really important to have these. Why? Because it saves you time and money. There’s less chance of a buyer falling out because of buyer’s remorse. It also keeps buyers away from your property that might have problems with items that you’re disclosing. Also, be as flexible as possible when you’re showing your home and have your home show ready. You want your home sold, right? And doesn’t it make sense to make it available? Don’t give a buyer the opportunity to fall in love with another house because they couldn’t get into yours. What happens is many times buyers stop after they’ve found the one, so make sure they fall in love with yours.

Now here’s the deal when selling. By being as transparent as possible and taking care of any issues or problems prior to listing your house, buyers and their agents welcome the transparency in purchasing a home from a seller who has taken the time to be as diligent as possible in fixing any issues as well as fully disclosing any previous issues. Also, it ensures that any problems, issues, or concerns that are dealt with prior to going into escrow so that you don’t waste your precious time, your resources and money. Right? Oh, and one more thing. Think about this. You might as a seller want to consider getting a seller’s home warranty coverage. This helps pay for most issues that could arise when your house is on the market and you’ll be able to take care of them for a minimal, minimal cost. There are so many more tips you need to think about.