5 Tips To Get Ready For Winter

I want to give you five tips on making sure that your property is winterized. We’re going to start one, making sure that your eaves, your gutters and your drains are cleared out of any debris. We want to make sure that there’s no flooding and that there’s no damage that can go up into your eaves.

Number two, we want to caulk cracks around the property and we want to seal windows and doors to keep the heat in and the winter out.

Point number three, we want to make sure that you turn off your sprinklers for the winter. Right now is not a time to have the sprinklers on. We save ourselves money, the watering, winter is no need for it to be on. We make sure that we shut off our time clock at least through February.

Tip number four, we want to make sure that all our outside furniture is covered or put away in the garage. No doubt there storms, wind storms that can damage this furniture and also even damage our properties. So let’s put away our furniture and store it for the winter.

And tip number five, you want to make sure that if you’ve got fruit trees or anything else like that, when it gets too cold, make sure you protect them with burlap or some other material, so they don’t fade away and die in those freezing cold temperatures.

Five essential tips to winterize your home.

To help maintain your property values.


— Krista Mashore