Buyers Avoid these Five Things When Home-Buying

If you're a homebuyer, here are five things you should NOT do in order to get your offer accepted! Hi, I am Krista Mashore with eXp Realty and The Mashore Group. With the housing market heating up, buying a home can be stressful with more buyers competing for properties. That is why it is so important to not develop these bad habits when writing an offer. Not Knowing What the Seller Wants. In competitive markets where homes can have multiple offers, it is important to know what the seller wants before submitting an offer. Besides price there are many other factors a seller considers when looking at offers. It is important to have a good agent on your side that will find out what terms are ideal for the seller and hopefully work for you too. Maybe a seller would like a rent back to have more time to move or need a fast close to get into a replacement home. The more you can sweeten the offer by making it less stressful on the seller, the more likely your offer will be considered. Don’t Second Guess Yourself. As a buyer, it is easy to second guess yourself and start to feel anxious about your purchase. Make sure you have a checklist of your wants and needs, and a good understanding of your financial situation. Being indecisive as a buyer could cost you the home if you wait too long to make decisions or commitments. Be careful not to Stay with an Agent Who is not a Good Fit. Always work with an agent who will have your best interest in negotiations and the closing of the transaction. A good agent should fully understand all of your needs, be a good listener and communicator and respond to all of your questions. After all, they are going to be negotiating on your behalf on one of the biggest purchases of your lifetime. Don’t Ask for Too Much. We have all heard the saying “they asked for everything but the kitchen sink”. Well, asking a seller for too many freebies can come across as demanding and disrespectful. It is always best to be courteous and fair during this part of negotiations that benefit both parties involved. So maybe that upgraded refrigerator needs to go with the seller in order for your offer to be accepted. Waiving Inspections. In a competitive market waiving contingencies to gain competitive edge over other buyers is very common. However, although it might be appealing to a seller, it is more important to a buyer to know of any potential and expensive problems. That is why it is important to have your inspections. Waiving the inspection could cost you thousands of dollars down the road. If you're a buyer and would like more information on the current inventory in your area, please reach out to my team and I. In 2018 Krista Mashore sold over 22 Million dollars worth of Real Estate and is named in the Wall Street Journal within the Top 100 Agents Nationwide. Please see the article at The Wall Street Journal. To see Krista's local recognition check out this link featured in the Brentwood Press Kristas expertise and professionalism is revealed not only in the 14 years in Real Estate but also by being within the top 1% of all Realtors in Contra Costa County continuously since 2002. Krista posses a Master's Degree in Education, previously employed as a School Teacher. Her excellence derives from her outstanding communication, skills, expertise in marketing, and her optimistic attitude towards life in general. Pristine Customer Service to her clients is a top priority. Krista has a natural ability for developing trust by her client base.

Her attitude is characterized her slogan: "When You Do What You Love, People Love What You Do."